December 4, 2009

NBC: Don’t Get Too Crazy Now!

*Spoiler Alert*
If you haven’t watched NBC’s 12-03-09 episodes yet…do not read!
(Unless you don’t mind…then go ahead.)

When Thursday’s episode of Community started I was a little worried about where it would go. After all, a television show about an STD fair at a community college could go anywhere. I was glad when it turned out to be a perfect parody of government run health programs (this becomes clear as the fair falls apart and things get crazy). On top of all of that, I really liked the scene where the girls get in trouble for trying to break into the dean’s office.

Check out the clip below (maybe not with kids in the room). Annie makes some good points.

Not only is that hippy counselor just like a councilor in real life (making a big deal out of non-issues) but Annie is right. Widespread STDs didn’t just fall out of the sky one day, our post 1950s culture helped them reach every country and community around the world.

If more than a million abortions are performed year after year, and teen births are once again on the rise, anyone can see that middle and high school health programs are obviously not helping. While some people blame abstinence only education, I have never heard of a public school that holds to those ideals.

I also thought it was interesting that the same evening featured an episode of “Parks and Recreation” that was anti-strip clubs, a “30 Rock” where Tracy Jordan is trying to convince his wife let them have another child, and on a more different note, an episode of “The Office” where, no matter how disappointed the students were about not getting their tuition paid, at least they graduated from high school.

While it may not have been NBC’s funniest night (though there were still plenty of laughs), it was a refreshing change from their usual left driven quips.

In other good news: Amanda Knox was finally found guilty of murdering her roommate in ‘07. Say what you will about the problems with the Italian legal system (that’s why you should only commit crimes in the US, I guess) but as soon as they released the information about the perverted stories on her MySpace page, and began discussing the nature of the crime, which were shockingly similar, I believed she was guilty.

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ramsam said...

I an with you, it is shocking and surprising to hear anything but left swing praise on NBC. Did you see the "Obama Garden Informercial" on Biggest Loser??? I was screaming at my TV. What a joke.