December 4, 2009

Youtube & You

This past year I’ve started subscribing to a lot of conservative vlggers on Youtube. Now, I can get my fill of FilmCow, Neil Cicierega and DaxFlame while watching true conservatives get a chance to go over recent news and provide their opinions. Often, I trade these videos with a couple of my friends, but I want to make sure everyone knows about these guys. So here…we….go…

Steven Crowder

I first heard about Steven when he released his undercover video documenting the ills of socialized healthcare in Canada and I’ve been hooked ever since. He provides his viewers with sketch-like comedy combined with normal vlog type footage (him talking). When it comes to his videos, I have too many favorites to list. You will just have to check him out for yourself.

Veritas Visuals

Subscribe to this channel and you will get the first looks at every new ACORN video that is released. That’s right. This channel belongs to everyone’s favorite pimp. Not only will you be able to see longer versions of the videos than they play on the news, but you will also be able to find a few other editorials done by James O’Keefe. Because each of these videos is so special, you will be able to check out a montage video below.

Live Action Films

If you like uncover videos, then you will love Live Action Films. They are working to not only reveal the injustices of abortion but the corruption of Planned Parenthood as well. They are working hard to promote an understanding of life and alternative options while furthering the anti-abortion debate.

How the World Works

This is straight up video blogging about political news stories from Lee Doren. He makes regular videos in which he discusses news as well as the occasional refute of liberal youtubers. He has also made a rebuttal for the now world renowned “Story of Stuff.” I recommend you check that out for sure! The only weird thing is that he looks and talks like my Pearl of Great Price professor…it must be his non-evil twin.

Those are the main channels that I wanted to direct people to. However, if you have time, check out Bureaucrash and JDLaporte001. They’ve also got some great videos. If you have any favorites that I didn’t mention here, feel free to leave a comment. I would love to check out some others.

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I subscribe to some of the same channels!