January 13, 2010

The Art of Bizarre

This last summer, I watched all of “Twin Peaks” for the first time. While it was creepy watching the story of a murder unfold in locations that I had been driving past every day for years, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My favorite parts were the ones that left me with an uneasy feeling. From the man in the red suit to the giant, I enjoyed it all…except for maybe Bob.

Upon further reflection, I like a lot of things that make me feel the same way. For years I’ve been a fan of Neil Cicierega and his cohorts at Rojhelio Studios and so on. They have been leaving me uncomfortable and questioning the goodness of the human race ever since I joined YouTube. True, Smosh is hilarious, DaveDays is talented…but each are predictable.

That is why I am sharing this video…

I also want to mention that just as I hate Bob, I hate the horseman.

And, in case you are still feeling cheery and bright, prepare to have your soul smashed by yet another crazy thing that maybe the world would have been better without (just like the horseman)…Salad Fingers!

For anyone in the mood for more of my creepiest favorites, check these out:

Video Dating Tape

Llamas With Hats

The Cloak

Ben Bernanke


Lynnae said...

You're right, creepy.

caitlin said...

Salad Fingers used to creep me out without fail, until I saw Banana Fingers. Now I can laugh at it.

ramsam said...

SOmeone warned me about salad fingers..I haven't watched it yet, and since I am getting ready for bed I am not watching either of these now either.

Twin Peaks kept me up many a night!!!!

Hillary said...

@ caitlin
It's not as much that it freaks me out, it just makes me feel dirty. Kind of like when you have been going through a not-so-top-of-the-line DI or Goodwill and you feel like you have lice afterwards.