February 15, 2010

Another Valentine’s Post

I had a very good Valentine’s weekend. For the past month I’ve been decorating our living room with the valentines I both made and received in this year’s family swap. 


These cards all look so good and add a bit of colour to our drab apartment, so I will likely be keeping them up for for the rest of February.

On Saturday, my boyfriend (Nick) and I had dinner together and finished watching “Arrested Development” season two. Then we played around with his guitar and watched some YouTube videos.

On Sunday I had a quite a surprise when I got home from church (which was also great, thanks to brownies in Relief Society, and M&Ms and a Peep Colouring book in Sacrament Meeting). After we had left, Nick came over and left flowers and a dish of my favorite candies (Dove chocolates) on our kitchen table. Then he had made a trail of chocolates to the dresser in my room where there were even more flowers and chocolates and a card! It was so cute!

For lunch, he cooked some tilapia and rice pilaf. We just hung out and relaxed for a while until my favorite movie, “Northanger Abbey” was on and we watched that. We both were really hungry and didn’t have much food around, so we waited until midnight to go to McDonalds. When we came back, we watched “50 First Dates,” which was really cute.

So it was basically a perfect day. Nick did really well for just having lost his ACL last Monday!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day as well!


Kristina P. said...

You have an amazing boyfriend!

Artzy Heart said...

Hey...! I love the look from all our valentine's...but I have to ask if you noticed how personalized the one I made for you was. Could you tell that the cut out in the little round charm was a muffin? I hope so. Otherwise the paisley jewel doesn't make a lot of sense either. The vintage photo was one of me for prom princess out of my highschool yearbook.

I have to tell you that our house is like a mosoleum now and NOBODY comes anymore. I bet we get together somewhere for Easter, though. I'll let you know.

Lynnae said...

That's so sweet! Mmmm chocolate. What a fun surprise.

ramsam said...

What a fun Valentine's! That boy knows how to take care of a girl!

I love that you waited until midnight. I just usually think..."it's midnight in New York, sooooo......"

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cuuuute decor &sweet boyfriend.