April 27, 2010

Back Once Again

After a couple of months of being busy with school and the boyfriend, I’m back to blogging. On Monday night I got back from a week long trip visiting my family in Washington and showing Nick all of the sights. It was loads of fun!

Tuesday was mostly full of driving. About 12 hours of it with only a couple of short breaks to fill up on gas and visit the restroom. Thanks to a change in time zones, we were able to roll into town at a decent hour.

Wednesday was our first day going out and doing things. First, Nick and I went to meet my dad at work for lunch at one of the Microsoft campuses. After we ate, he showed up around, and took us to the store (I was in desperate need of a new water bottle).

Next, we went to Uwajimaya, an Asian supermarket. There are a few located throughout the area, so we went to the one in Bellevue. It’s always a fun place to check out and Nick (not being from a place where there are enough people from Asian countries to have such a market) hadn’t seen anything like it before.

From there, we went to the Seattle Temple. The gardens were blooming and everything was so beautiful that we ended up taking a lot of pictures.


After walking around on the grounds, we went to check out Snoqualmie Falls. Since it had been a little drizzly the falls were nice and big, however some of the favorite viewing points were closed for renovation. We were still able to go on the hike to the bottom of the waterfall and take some pictures though.




After a long first day, we went to Scott’s Dairy Freeze and then back to my house to watch “The Prince of Egypt” with one of my younger sisters and relax.


Kristina P. said...

I saw your pics on FB. You guys are such a cute couple!

Lynnae said...

I miss you! I'm so glad you were able to visit and bring Nick too. I hope he had fun and doesn't think we are TOO weird.