May 12, 2010

More From Washington

Time for a little Seattle “Where’s Waldo” from day two of our vacation.

Okay, so I guess you don’t have to pick him out of a crowd, but let see if you got the locations right…

1) The Pier (kind of anyway)

2) The Monorail


3) The EMP

4) Pike Place Market


5) Seattle Center



Lynnae said...

LOVE it!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Hillary!
I’m so happy you will be joining me for the Where Blogger’s Create party this year!
I think it’s going to be great fun and is already bigger than last year! Jo is offering some great prizes isn’t she??? I’ll be in touch!!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

ramsam said...

Fun times, cute couple!!!

We need to get together around here, though, don't you think?

Hillary said...


That would be fun. We are pretty much free on the evenings on weekends so we should get together.