September 7, 2010

Back In It

It’s back to school for me. I started last week and it seems to be going quite well. I unknowingly decided to take two statistics classes (one was disguised as a class in the “School of Family Life” and the other is a straight up stats class. Additionally, I am taking a parenting class and two religion classes (Doctrine and Covenants and Family History). While the work for any of the classes isn’t going to be too difficult for me, most of them are project heavy classes.

I am very excited to start working on my Family History stuff more…and actually learning what kind of stuff I should be doing. While I am still trying to decide which family line should be the family I use for class work (we get to choose one from our own ancestry), I already have a couple of good ideas for my “massive” project.

Today, Nick and I gave up the killer fish, a gourami named Adolf, in the hopes that he may have a better life with my sister. He’s a very pretty orange fish, but after coming home from a month away from the house and seeing that he had devoured two tiger barbs (Larry and Curly), in addition to the numerous fish he had brutally beaten and starved before we left, we decided he had to go. Now we are in the process of finding a new bowl or tank for Moe and Diablo (a tiger barb and a bottom feeder of some kind), so we can keep them around and fill the ten gallon tank with beautiful male guppies.

Speaking of guppies, my little boys, Scooby and Shaggy are doing very well. Nick’s roommate, Pablo, watched after them while we were gone and I think their tails grew quite a bit. Pablo was sad that I brought them back to my house.

This past weekend, my family came to visit. It was very nice to see everyone even though we didn’t have much time as a family. At least for Thanksgiving we will be able to relax a bit more, plus it will be at my house, where those with weak stomachs never have to go thirsty.

I hope you all had a happy Labor Daybor! ;D


Kristina P. said...

I had to take two stats classes when I was at the Y. I had to take a social stats class, that I got an A in. And then a regular one, I got a C in. I was thrilled with the C.

Jon said...

That's a stirring description of the killer fish - but what can one expect of a fish named "Adolph"?
I bet if you were named Adolph, you would have beaten and starved your little sisters.
I was glad to hear he made it to SUU alive and well. As long as no one accidentally puts their arm in his bowl while they are sleeping, everything should be fine.

Just think, after this semester, you'll be well equipped to describe the statistical chance of death for any fish placed in the tank with Adolph and you can prepare the genealogy for the departed fish.

Lynnae said...

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Adolf who?
Adolf the other fish while you were gone.

Love mom.