October 14, 2010

Love & Rockets

It’s time for another adventure from my trip to Louisiana!

For a while, Nick and I had been planning to buy and put together a model rocket, so while we were at his house, we decided to make this dream a reality. We used the GPS to find a hobby shop and after driving to two other locations, we finally found one that still existed. It was very cute with all kinds of science projects and pieces for train sets and what looked to be very involved games based on periods throughout history. However, in the back of the store we found the rockets.

We went ahead an got one of the less complicated ones (with a few extra engines of course) and put it together in our spare time around the house. Once it was completed, we went to the park with his Mom, brother and youngest sister to shoot it off.


Alexis was the first to press the launch button.

The rocket went much further than we expected it to and narrowly missed the water feature on the other side of the park. It was retrieved, loaded with a new engine and ready to go!

After a few more launches, it was time to clean up and feed the birds. We had brought some stale bread and crackers and attracted quite a crowd of ducks, seagulls and other birds (none of which I had seen in the “wild” before).

Those birds were sure excited to get some snacks. Some did get a little close though and I was reminded not only of the time when a goose bit my hand as I was feeding it popcorn, but of the time that a badelynge of ducks attacked my sister in order to steal the bagel she was going to feed to them. Such ferocious creatures.


Arianne said...

SO FEROCIOUS! I love it. What a cute post! I love your Louisiana stories!

Kristina P. said...

What a fun activity! You guys are adorable together.

Lynnae said...

That is so fun! Yeah, those birds can get pretty pushy. I'm sorry about the whole goose thing. As a parent you try and make a memory, but sadly it often turns out to be a bad one.

Jon said...

Be honest...didn't you think just for a moment about turning that rocket sideways and bagging a duck?

Hillary said...

@Jon, I didn't think of it then, but as a freshman I would be so hungry walking home from ballet that I would think of stuff like that on a regular basis...I'm not proud of it...

@Kristina, thanks!

@Lynnae, it's okay mom. Those memories have helped me win plenty of games of "two truths and a lie."