November 17, 2010

Yes Please…

I want

some Triple XXX 











I have been craving some fresh root beer and a burger for weeks now. Maybe I’ll be able to get some next week.


St. Louis Cemetery Number 3

While I was in New Orleans, I went with Nick and his grandparents to look at a cemetery. Not in a creepy way or anything, but while here in Utah the graves stand up a little bit, modern cemeteries in Washington have tombstones that are flat to the ground (for the most part), and I wanted to see some that were a little fancier.

Nick’s grandmother often works as a tour guide in New Orleans, so she was able to tell me a lot about how graves like these work. It’s quite complex. Because the city is below water level, traditional graves did not work, so residents began creating above ground tombs.

Entire families may be entombed in each grave, however there are usually only one or two shelves. New caskets are put onto the shelves. When someone else dies, the casket (or the older of the two) is emptied into the base of the tomb. By this time the remains are usually very well deteriorated. The new casket is then placed on the shelf, and the grave is resealed.

In some cases, people are entombed in walls along the edges of the cemetery. These are less expensive for those with less money, but they also serve as a holding area for caskets that cannot yet be placed in a family grave.

Because the stones literally create a brick oven, the tiles can become warped or broken. A good deal of money goes into the upkeep of a larger family tomb.

One really neat thing was that there were lots of French inscriptions, even for relatively newer inscriptions.

November 7, 2010

A Day On The Town…Two Months Ago

I have not been feeling good at all for the past few weeks. However, after spending some quality time with the doctor, things are starting to get better slowly. So that also accounts for why I haven’t been posting. When I wasn’t sleeping, I was trying to take care of some more basic necessities…like play Civilization on the Xbox 360.

Anyway, for one of the last days I spent in Louisiana, Nick and I went to New Orleans and walked around, taking pictures and seeing stuff. Check it out.

First, we went to St. Louis Cathedral. It was very lovely inside, although, since I have only spent time in various LDS buildings, it was kind of strange. Luckily, Nick was familiar with it so he could explain it to me.


One thing that I really liked about the cathedral were the murals. The photos don’t really do them justice. It’s just one of those things you have to see in person.

Right next door to the cathedral is the Cabildo. Originally, it was a government building but now it is the Louisiana State History Museum. There were tons of great exhibits there ranging from Native American life through the post civil war era.

Nick and I must have walked between the place where we parked and the Riverwalk three times, visiting different stores along the way. It reminded me of the day we were hanging out in Downtown Seattle and walked and monorailed between Seattle Center and Pike Place a billion times.


It was a great wrap up for our trip and Nick was even able to walk around by this point. I should also mention that there was this odd homeless or crazy couple (…well it was a man and a woman) that were talking to us while we were walking around. The woman apparently had some broken ribs and was not feeling good. In fact, “All of the weed in the world” wasn’t enough to help her get through how annoying the pain made everyone else seem. She was cranky, but all she wanted was to get to the liquor store. I couldn’t understand a word that the guy was saying…but he seemed to be in general agreement that he could use a drink as well.