June 4, 2011


Even if you aren’t Mormon you have likely seen links to videos about the LDS religion, or Mormons, on FaceBook and YouTube. It is all surrounding an effort to help members of the Church help their friends and family (or strangers) understand what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is all about.

Of course I had taken the time to watch a few of the videos on the Mormon.org website and immediately thought, “How can I follow that?” Here were amazing stories from people who had overcome great trials and accomplished amazing things, yet I’m just a regular person, going to school and doing normal things.

Of course when the newly revamped website was brought up in Relief Society, others had the same thought, but we were all challenged to create our own page to start sharing the things we know with others.

…So of course, I went ahead and did it. It’s a very easy process if you already have an LDS account (if you use one for a ward website, ordering materials, or for New Family Search or indexing). If you don’t have an account, all you need if your member number and you are ready to go.

I have been working on my page for a few weeks now. It takes a while for updates to be made, but a little patience really pays off and now my page is presentable. I still have a lot more that I want to post, but feel free to go ahead and take a look at what I already have at:


Provided, once your page is created, are badges for your blog or other website, complete with their HTML codes. These badges link directly to your personal page.