September 4, 2011

A Very Washington Wedding Reception

Because Nick’s family is from the New Orleans area and it would be difficult for all of our family and friends to gather to one central location, we decided to have two receptions. It was so much fun being able to get all dressed up twice, eat cake twice and try all sorts of fun traditions.

Since we got married in the Seattle Temple, we had our Washington reception first. We had it at Tibbetts Creek Manor in Issaquah.

It was beautiful and the perfect amount of space. Plenty of room to get dressed upstairs, and party downstairs. There was also a gorgeous back yard with a tented deck and plenty of blooms.

My parents had worked to plan the perfect reception and decorations and with the help of my sisters, aunts and uncles it all came together. So I hope you enjoy seeing what it looked like. And, as a note, our colors were pink and brown.

The driveway to the house was lined with trees and white paper lanterns.

In the entry way, three of my bridal photos were set up, along with the guestbook, and a place to put gifts and cards.

We made our guestbook on Shutterfly, using the engagement photos that my cousin had taken. Guests used a sharpie to sign in any of the white space in the book, kind of like a yearbook. The best part is that this is the kind of guest book we will take out to look at again and again.

For the cards, guest could slide the envelopes through the slots in the bird cage.

Reception Ancestor Photos

Within the past year, I have become very interested in genealogy. As a fun addition to the décor, we printed out wedding photos for each of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on. We framed them in different black frames and then labeled them. They were such a hit at the Washington reception that we had them sent to Louisiana for the reception there as well.


We did not have a sit down dinner, but since we had finger foods and punch, we still had tables both inside, around the dance floor, and outside on the deck. Our centerpieces were very simple and put together by my Mom and her sisters.


For our favors, we chose to follow the cute trend of allowing guests to scoop their own candy from large decorative jars. I love that this was both a decoration and a treat for the guests.

For our receiving line, we stood under an arbor that had been decorated with pink and white flowers and petals.

While the main room in the facility come with a tile dance floor, we rented a wooden one the increase the size a little bit and make it more dancer friendly. My sister and her boyfriend put together the stereo equipment and colorful party lights.

Outside under the tent, the tables were set up the same as the ones inside, and lights were strung along the top of the tent to give it a more romantic feel.


For food, we had some bread, crackers and dip, as well as punch to drink. The reception started at 7pm, so we focused on light finger food and treats. The biggest food items were the cake (obviously) and the chocolate fountain.

Included in our dipping options were strawberries, cinnamon gummy bears, marshmallows, cream puffs and cookies.

Finally, our cake…

The cake was white and vanilla flavored with buttercream frosting. It was rich, but easily the most delicious cake I’ve ever had. Instead on fondant on the outside, we opted for a buttercream coating, which made it taste much better. The flower topper and other flowers were provided by Countryside Floral and Garden, in Issaquah. The cake was made by Karen Nelson.

The reception was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time. We would like to thank all those who put so much time and effort into make our special day that much more special.

Photos by Joshua Gene Photography.

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