November 27, 2011

New Obsession

There are a few things that can quickly turn any day around. They are (1) getting something in the mail, and (2) getting something for free. It was not until a few weeks ago that I figured out how to go about getting these two things in greater abundance.

As with any obsession story, it started on Facebook. I saw that one of my friends from high school kept commenting on a Facebook page called My Free Product Samples. I was intrigued so I checked it out. Sure enough there were links to free samples and coupons of all kinds. I signed up for the samples on the page that caught my eye, then followed the link back to the blog and signed up for some of the older samples that were still active. What did I have to lose? The worst that will happen (as long as the site is legit, and they most often are) is that they will send me junk mail, or junk email to an email address that I have dedicated to the process.

I was ecstatic when my first samples arrived and now I’m even more excited to check the mail each day, as I get something special almost every day. To date (I’ve started sending for samples at the beginning of November) these are the samples that I have received:

Free Samples

That’s not even including countless prints which are already filling up the pages of multiple photo albums. I’m super excited to try all of these products. The photo prints are all of a great quality and the two books pictured are great reads so far.

For anyone who is interested in trying for your own samples or interested in getting condensed news about cool discounts and coupons (I guess for some people those are cool) check out the Facebook pages below for my top sampling sites:

  1. My Free Product Samples
  2. Free Sample Frenzy
  3. Free Sample Momma
  4. Free Sample Freak
  5. Free Sample Deals
  6. Free Sample Agent

I will say that I am trying to get into couponing, but it really is a skill that is very foreign to me right now, mostly because I only see coupons for things that I don’t really want or need. However, I do expect some Suave, Lactaid and Breathe Right coupons in the mail over the next few weeks, all of which WILL be used.

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