January 27, 2012

The Cake Is A Lie

Okay, so I love Pinterest, but one thing about it drives me crazy. The number of ridiculously simple workouts posted with photoshopped images of trim women is getting a little too absurd to laugh at anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-photoshop, but seriously, take this popular pin:


Even assuming that this image wasn’t photoshopped, that short, unvaried workout would never equal this body, unless you already naturally had it. This one has the same problem:


Still a small workout being paired up with an model in an advertisement. Yet it’s being pinned and repinned with promises by pinners that they will start working out harder with this as their inspiration.

Essentially, Pinterest has mainstreamed the “thinspo.” A pop culture contraction of the words thin and inspiration, used to label pictures of thin women used by anorexic and bulimic people to inspire them in their quest for physical beauty.

So what’s the alternative? A “fitspo” may be more appropriate, but to what end? Fitness models are fixed before their pictures flood the web, and they all too often receive plastic surgery for areas that a clean diet and exercise would otherwise disrupt. Take these fitspo pins for example:



Women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat, primarily because it is stored in the chest. As a person loses weight and firms up, the chest is usually the first area to shrink, because it is the least essential. Because of this, many women in the fitness industry receive augmentation of some kind. This makes them about as bad for fitspos and models are for thinspos.

Luckily there are accurate representations of fitness on pinterest. This pin is very inspiring (though it was likely touched up for advertising purposes, at least she has her correct proportions, assuming it’s even the same person):


All in all, if people would just do exercises rather than create boards full of pictures of thin, busty women advertising bizarre eating habits and oversimplified work out plans, they would be a little healthier.

Also, check out this video that I found while I was looking around for pictures for this post. It’s about a professional fitness trainer who gets the full photoshop treatment.

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Kristina P. said...

I'm not really on Pinterest much, but Photoshopping has gotten out of control.

Now, excuse me while I eat some ice cream.